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The Greek Tycoon's Revenge - Nikos Karasphalous, arrogant Greek businessman, demands revenge against the beautiful Adriana Secreste, the woman he blames for the untimely death of his brother five years ago. In an unexpected twist of fate, they are forced to marry in order to safeguard each of their family's business interests and that's when the sparks fly. When nightmares from her brutal childhood and his unwavering need for vengeance push them both to their breaking point a smoldering attraction flares to life. But the fragile love that blossoms is threatened when a devastatingly complex secret from his brother's past is revealed that has the power to change everything. Will the grand architect behind the ultimate betrayal be revealed and destroy their future together??? Can the love they have found together conquer the demons of their shared past??? If you love hot, sultry romances, with a pinch of sass this one is for you... Now available!!! on

5.0 out of 5 stars
Steamy, savvy and compelling- June 18, 2014

- Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase I love a romance where there's a little extra tension between the primary couple, and this one has that in spades. Nikos Karasphalous and Adriana Secreste are set at odds from the beginning but thrown together in an unlikely circumstance. Will this force further understanding between them - or will the electricity simply be too much? The Greek Tycoon's Revenge is steamy, savvy and compelling and has a proverbial sophisticated smirk on its face, a rarity in the romance genre. The sleek class and biting wit of our main characters plays against a surprising backdrop of real, deep issues that haunt and wound the novel's cast. An excellent read with mysterious, sexy and heart-wrenching moments.

5.0 out of 5 stars I couldn't put it down!- June 18, 2014 By Jenny Chandelier- Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase A fast paced love story filled with exciting characters! I loved Adrian's grandmother! Adrian is smart and sexy but she's also dealing with a past of abuse from a stepfather who was cruel to her as an awkward young girl.I love a happy ending! I hope to see these characters again.I think we'll see more novels from Ms. Garver! 

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book!- May 16, 2014 By Twopony- Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
One of the best romance books I have read in a long time. Such a relief to find a romance in which the heroine is not a submissive doormat! She is a courageous business woman who marries a stranger for the sake of her family, however she refuses to back down from her dominating husband . The chemistry between the hero and heroine is great and the sniping back and forth between the two is very funny. This book takes on many issues that some authors won't touch. Issues such as the long term effect of child abuse, how some women cope with an abusive spouse and the heart break of losing a loved one to drug abuse. Despite the heavy issues this is a wonderful well written book I could not put down until finished. I hope this author will continue writing because she has got a great first book.