Julie Garver

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Desert Treasure-  Sulbere has struggled under the “archaic” ways of power hungry, old men, for far too long. Arian Abul Kul Suywere, Crown Prince to the tiny Sulbere Empire, is desperately trying to bring his impoverished desert kingdom into the digital age. He enlists the help of a beautiful American geologist to assist with his plans to secure and harvest the rich oil and natural gas reserves hidden deep within his kingdom. Both are vital for funding Sulbere’s rejuvenation.

However, factions within the old ruling party of Sulbere are dead set against the idea of equality within the various tribes and modernization. They vow to use any means necessary to halt any progress toward civility, permanently, including capturing the pretty blonde, American, that has caught the eye of the Crown Prince.

Shortly after her arrival in the desert, Jessi Vasya finds herself ruthlessly kidnapped by deadly mercenaries in one of the most dangerous parts of the world, where women are still classified like cattle and equal rights are null and void. Her kidnappers are a power unto their own, and the laws of civil men don’t apply out here. Against all odds, she struggles to stay alive.

Old alliances quickly crumble and Prince Arian quickly finds himself racing against time to find her and free her. Will he make it in time or will she become yet another of Sulbere’s buried desert treasures?

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